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As a teacher I am off from school during the holidays.  Consequently, I’m home for lunchwith my girls, rather than eating at my desk while grading papers.  Within the first couple of days home I found my preschooler always got stuck with same lunch, turkey and cheese sandwich.  I realized that we needed to spruce up our lunch menu so I came up with some Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas.

Fun & Easy Lunch Ideas

Easy Lunch Ideas

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Technology and Toddlers {21st Century Skills}

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Staples, all opinions are my own.

I have a tough time moving Riley out of the toddler stage in my mind.  I know that she is more like a preschooler, but she still has another two years before heading off to kindergarten so in my mind she’s still a toddler.  In this day and age where we push our kids towards things like 21st Century Skills so that they are work and career ready in our education system, I feel it’s important that we give them a chance to stay toddlers as long as they can.  That’s not to say, that I don’t push Riley to use critical thinking skills, but during a time when Common Core is taking away quite a bit of the creativity in our school systems, I want more daughter to stay a toddler.  The amazing thing to me is that the technology that we use in our everyday life often gives children the 21st Century Skills that we, as teachers, strive to pass on to our students.

Technology & Toddlers

Technology and Toddlers

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