5 Tips for Sun Protection

July 1, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

Planning on enjoying the sun this summer?  With two little girls with very different skin types because their mother is a fair, Irish girl and their father tans from minimal sun, I worry about sun protection starting in early Spring.  I’ve learned a ton about keeping my girls protected.  These 5 Tips for Sun Protection will have you covered all summer long.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Neutrogena.

5 Tips for Sun Protection

Planning on enjoying the sun These 5 Tips for Sun Protection will have you covered for the summer.

Wear sunglasses.  My girls both love wearing sunglasses.  They often try to match them to their outfits.  Little do they know that the sunglasses are protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays.

Tips for Sun Protection - wear sunglasses

Wear a hat.  My oldest is extremely fair.  We pretty much keep her lathered in sunscreen year round.  For the past three years, she’s worn this adorable hat that is the same material as a bathing suit so it stretches to her head as she swims and it doesn’t fall off.  She loves that it matches her bathing suits and I love knowing that I don’t need to worry about her scalp getting sun burnt.  There is nothing worse than trying to put her hair up with a sun burn on her scalp.  Previous experiences have taught me well.

Tips for Sun Protection - wear a hat

Use a Sunscreen Stick.  One of my least favorite places to put sunscreen on my girls is their faces.  I hate feeling like I might possibly poke them in the eye.  My youngest is also not a huge fan of staying still.  We fell in love with the Neutrogena sunscreen sticks.  They are so easy to apply and they smell amazing.  Plus, they leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Tips for Sun Protection - use sunscreen stick

Use wet sunscreen.  My girls are two little fish.  They absolutely love to swim and you can usually find us at the pool or on the lake.  We swim so often that my three year old is swimming on her own already.  Since they’re constantly in the water I need to get sunscreen on them as soon as they get out.  They both despised being towel dried and then lathered with sunscreen.  Luckily, Neutrogena has a wet skin line that can be applied onto wet skin.  No more battling them to dry off.  Just lather them quick and let them jump right back in.

Tips for Sun Protection - use wet skin sunscreen

Use a trusted sunscreen.  I use Neutrogena skin care products and love that Neutrogena is the #1 dermatologist recommended sunscreen.  I love how the Ultra Sheer® line makes my skin feel smooth and I still know that my skin is getting the sun protection that it needs.  Neutrogena has a line perfect for anyone no matter what your skin needs are.

Tips for Sun Protection - Neutrogena Products



  • Emily @ My Love for Words

    Such important tips! I’ve never tried the wet sunscreen products (I actually didn’t even know they existed!), but I’m going to have to. That’s a great idea.

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