5 Tips for Preschool Playdates

March 24, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

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We are so excited to have had the opportunity to work with Disney Junior to create the perfect preschool playdate.  Our Disney playdate was a huge success and it was largely due to these 5 Tips for Preschool Playdates.

5 Tips for Preschool Playdates

Are you struggling with fun playdate ideas These 5 Tips for Preschool Playdates will have everyone having fun!

Ever since my girls were little they both have loved Disney characters.  I’m pretty sure that the first dance they ever learned was the “Hot Dog Dance” and they knew how to say “Oh Toodles!” before they could say their own name.  They loved the bright colors and I loved that they were learning while watching it.  As they grew older they fell in love with Sophia the First and learned how to become a courageous, good friend.  I’ve quickly learned that all of their friends have grown up similarly so Disney themed preschool playdates are always a huge hit.

Create a craft that is developmentally appropriate.  Avery’s friends range in age so I wanted to make sure that it was something that they could handle.  We created puppets using white paper bags and cut outs of our favorite Disney Junior characters.  They used Tulip Glitter Paint to add a bit more flair to their creations.  We also added a little glitter because no creation is complete without glitter right?!

Preschool Playdates Disney Puppets

Have an easy themed lunch.  I debated the night before what to have for lunch.  I finally decided on Mickey pizza.  I grabbed our favorite frozen pepperoni pizza and pepperoni minis.  I made Mickey ears using the pepperoni minis.  It was a huge hit and everyone gobbled up a slice.  Having food that every child will eat is huge for playdates.  Otherwise, you’re making five different things because of all the picky eaters.

Preschool Playdates Mickey Mouse Pizza

Make a healthy snack.  My girls love their fruit, but they can be picky when it comes to which kind of fruit they’ll eat.  A fruit salad is the perfect option because then there’s something for everyone.  Using a shaped serving bowl like this one makes it easy to stick within your theme.

Preschool Playdates Mickey Mouse Fruit Salad

Play games that rely on visuals.  We played Disney Bingo with Fruit Loops as our markers. Everyone loved it because there were visuals that they kids could use to reference what they should be doing.  Later in the week {after the party} I found this Disney Junior 6-in-1 Game Collection, which would have been perfect.  Next time for sure!

Preschool Playdates Bingo

Let them play.  All of our friends were not active participants in every part of our preschool playdate.  There were times that each one of them needed to go off and play in our playroom on their own.  It’s great to have structure, but it’s also important to let them explore.  We had nine children for our preschool playdate and the clean up afterwards was minimal.  This was largely due to the fact that the majority of the time was structured and when they went off on their own they played with a toy or two and came back to join in with the group.

Preschool Playdates Sofia

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  • Tara

    Love the idea of fruit loops as bingo chips! Very clever as was your Mickey Pizza 🙂

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    Looks like so much fun!!!

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