Tips for a Successful Toddler Birthday

May 27, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

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About six months ago my youngest, who just turned three started talking about having a rainbow birthday party.  She has not wavered from that request once.  I’ve done the themed birthday parties over the years and love them, but they’re a lot of work so this year we’re trying something a bit different and I’m sharing my tips for a successful toddler birthday with you so that it’s easy for you as well.

Tips for a Successful Toddler Birthday

Not sure how to pull off a successful toddler birthday? We're taking the stress out of creating the perfect toddler birthday with these simple tips.

This year we decided to hold Avery’s third birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  There are tons of facilities near us that do birthday parties, but I wanted some place that I knew all the kids would have a blast and parents could relax and enjoy their time there.

My first tip would be to know that the facility has some sort of security in place. I love the fact that Chuck E. Cheese’s keeps security tight with their kid-check system at the front of each location.  As a parent there is nothing worse than feeling your heart beat faster when you can’t find one of your children for a split second.  I love knowing the Chuck E. Cheese’s system does not allow either one of my children past their security without an adult wearing a matching number.  Especially when you’re dealing with a toddler birthday party.

Tips for Toddler Birthday

I also highly recommend choosing a facility that has the capability to book online.  There is nothing worse than calling a facility and leaving a message for someone to not get back to you for over a week.  Or my personal favorite to call with screaming kids in the background and the person answering the phone gives you the wrong information because they were distracted.  Chuck E. Cheese’s website is easy to navigate and made booking a snap because of their well laid out birthday booking page.  Before the day was over someone from our local facility called to confirm my booking and make sure that I had the package I had wanted.  Find your closest Chuck E. Cheese’s.

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Definitely choose a facility that offers multiple packages.  Toddlers are very different from school age children so I made sure to get something age appropriate that I know Avery and her friends will love.   Plus it allows you the opportunity to make the birthday party more affordable.  You need to stick within your budget so that you’re not worrying and fretting over the expense.  You want to be able to enjoy the party without trying to determine if you’re getting the best value for your buck the entire day.  Chuck E. Cheese’s gives you three different packages and each package is packed with value so that your toddler will have an amazing birthday party with the Star or Mega Super Star Package.

Tips for Toddler Party

Half of the battle of a successful toddler birthday party is keeping the parents happy.  No parent wants to go to a party that is disorganized and lacks food.  One of my least favorite things about birthday parties for toddlers is that I never know whether or not I should eat beforehand.  Toddler parties are always at such odd hours.  I highly recommend a facility that gives you the flexibility to either order food for the parents or bring it in.  Chuck E. Cheese’s makes their pizza fresh everyday and allows you to add an pie or two for parents.  I also love that Chuck E. Cheese’s allows you to bring in your own birthday cake.  I would not have been doing my due diligence if Avery did not have a rainbow birthday cake at her party.

Rainbow cake

You can find out more information and follow along with Chuck E. Cheese’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


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