Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

August 12, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

Looking for simple Tips to Keep Kids Healthy this school year?  Give kids the upper hand in fighting germs!

Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

Looking for simple Tips to Keep Kids Healthy this school year? Give kids the upper hand in fighting germs!


It’s that time of year, leaves are starting to fall and the days are getting shorter and a little more crisp. Yep, it’s just about time for the kiddos to head back to school if they haven’t already. Hi, it’s Erin from Suburban Simplicity. I wanted to share my best back to school Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy.

Whether it’s in the classroom sharing supplies or on the bus home from school, germs are everywhere. Kids come in contact with millions of the little buggers everyday. The good news is that you can do some simple things to keep your kids from getting every little bug they’re exposed to.

My kids rarely get sick so I know these tips really work! This is saying a lot since I have four kids at four different schools, so there are a lot of germs waiting to come home with them 🙂

How to Keep Kids Healthy

WASHING HANDS – I know, I know we hear this one all the time, but I’m certain my kids forget and still need to hear it…even the middle schoolers who should know better! So, remind your child to wash their hands before eating and after using the bathroom, blowing their nose, or playing outside. We have a rule that everyone has to wash their hands as soon as they get home from school. No exceptions!



COVER THEIR NOSE AND FACE WHEN SNEEZING AND COUGHING – While out doing their school supply shopping, grab some little packs of tissue. Give your child a package to keep in their desk, backpack or locker. Encourage them to cough or sneeze into the tissue, then put the tissue in the trash…and wash their hands. (See pervious item 🙂 If it isn’t possible to reach a tissue in time, remind your kiddo to cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow, not their hands.

DON’T SHARE WATER BOTTLES, FOOD OR PERSONAL ITEMS WITH FRIENDS – If your child is little then offer them this simple rule — if you put the item in your mouth, keep it to yourself. You don’t want them sharing hats and coats either because that’s how other little creepy crawlies like lice can be spread.

EAT A HEALTHY DIET AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER– Boost their immune system naturally. Offer your child a variety of healthy foods, and skip the junk food, so they get the nutrients they need to be healthy and strong. Superfoods like blueberries make a great lunchtime treat or after school snack. And make sure they drink plenty of water. We have water bottles that go to school with the kiddos everyday so they can drink as much as they want.

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LIMIT SUGAR INTAKE – This one is getting harder and harder. Everyone is trying to hand kids sugar these days. Every kid event or celebration has some sort of treat involved. And not just any treat, super sized ones! Classroom parties. Sporting events. Or the one that really gets me, the substitute teacher handing out candy so the kids will “do their work”. Sugar really is everywhere, so do what you can at home and help your kids make good choices when they’re out. One thing I do is make PB&Js with this Strawberry Chia Seed Jam, which has no refined sugar – the kids love it!

GET PLENTY OF SLEEP – Getting enough sleep can be a problem for children of any age. With our busy, packed schedules, naps can sometimes be missed or bedtimes pushed back. Making sleep a priority for kids can keep them healthy, both physically and emotionally. This article outlines how much sleep kids really need at every age.

Other Useful Tips

Another great tip that can help keep your family healthy during cold and flu season is to help your child avoid anyone who has a cold or infection. Close contact with a buddy who’s contagious, such as at play dates or sleepovers, could lead to your child getting sick. Or worse, the whole family being ill! When one of us gets sick we say they’re “hot lava” and can’t be touched.

If you like to be a prepared mom like me, then you have to read my Ultimate Back To School Guide. It shares tons of back to school tips and tricks for making things run smoothly around the house. It also shares easy recipes, clever organization hacks and cool school supply DIYs. Plus, awesome advice from savvy moms like Jenny Melrose! It’s the ultimate guide for pushing the reset button and getting things back on track.



Here’s to a happy, healthy school year!


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