Toddler Love: Nuby Flower Plate

September 7, 2012 by Jenny Melrose

There are many things that a toddler does not like, especially my toddler!  She has the biggest personality I’ve ever met and I often cringe at the thought of her becoming a teenager.  Over the Summer, I learned quickly that her favorite part of the day was the morning.  She would wake up no later than 7 am every morning and call for me to come get her out of her big girl bed.  I always entered her room to find her with her hands full of her guys (stuffed animals) ready to head downstairs for some footsie pajama wearing, IPad using, breakfasting.

Riley loves the IPad because she can control it and when I say control I mean that she knows how to use it better than we do.  She’d rather watch her favorite Disney Junior show, Doc McStuffins, on the IPad than on the television.  Before I forget, the get up is all Doc McStuffins.  We give check ups in our house on regular basis.  It’s hysterical when she states, “Time to check your heart.  Where’s my stethoscope?”  One quick note about Doc McStuffins.  Riley used to HATE going to the doctor’s office.  Kicking and screaming usually was part of our trip there.  We went about two weeks ago and she was smiling and laughing.  She compared everything the doctor did to Doc McStuffins.  So I HIGHLY recommend the show.  Riley also loves eating breakfast while sitting on the couch watching her show.  I’ve talked quite a bit about what Riley loves.  Well, here’s what I love.  The Nuby Flower Child Plate!  Not only is it super cute, but it also has a lip so that whatever Riley is snacking on doesn’t get everywhere.  Clearly, her Rainbow Horse doesn’t make the sturdiest table.  Fortunately, the Nuby Flower Plate keeps everything on the plate, rather than on our couch.

Seriously, she is so stinkin’ cute in the morning.  I’m back to school four days and I miss that time so much already.

I was compensated for this post with product from Nuby, but all opinions are mine.



  • ang paris

    my son loves that show, too! i do think it makes a big difference. at his 4yr check up, he didn’t even sniffle let along cry when he got his immunizations.

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