Turkey Mason Jar Gift

November 10, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

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I am so excited about this easy Turkey Mason Jar Gift because it’s the perfect craft to put together with the kiddos and it is so versatile.  Plus, you can make sure to use it for my Turkey Popcorn Mix as a perfect Thanksgiving favor or gift that the kids and adults will all love.

Turkey Mason Jar Gift

Turkey Mason Jar Gift

You’ll need {these are all affiliate links so that you can see exactly what I used}:

Mason Jar {I used a wide mouth jar 4 oz, but you could definitely use a larger one}

Different colored feathers

Hot glue

2 inch Styrofoam ball

Paint {I used Krylon Glitter Blast in Bronze Blaze}

Googley eyes

Orange foam cut into triangles

Red felt cut into a gobbler

Mason Jar Gift Idea

In order to assemble the turkey using the hot glue gun all at once, I spray painted my styrofoam ball first and let it dry before starting the assembly of the turkey.  One quick tip for you is that when you’re spray painting round objects, like a styrofoam ball, it is best to spray it in an old box outside.  I quickly learned this after creating our Minnie Mouse Centerpieces for Riley’s Minnie Mouse Second Birthday.  The clean up is just so much faster!  Once the head is dry, attach five feathers with hot glue to the back of a wide mouth mason jar.  This would definitely work on a pint size mason jar as well because I had to trim my feather down in order for them to be the right height.

Mason Jar Turkey Gift

I then attached the googley eyes, red felt gobbler and orange foam beak to the painted styrofoam ball.  I chose to use spray paint, but you could also have the kids paint the ball as well.  You’ll definitely be heading towards more of a mess, which if you head in that direction then you might want to check out my Thankful Pumpkin, which has the kids painting their hands on an artificial white pumpkin.  Regardless though, you’ll want to attach the completed head of the turkey to the top of the mason jar with hot glue.  Something to keep in mind is that the top has to be inside the ring when you attach it because the ring will not fit around the head of the turkey.  So if you want your mason jar to close then you’ll definitely want to make sure that the top is assembled and ready to go on the mason jar before attaching the turkey head.

Thanksgiving Mason Jar Gift

I’m filling our Turkey Mason Jars with our Turkey Popcorn Mix and sending them to school with Riley to give to her teachers, but I’m also thinking they’d look adorable on our Thanksgiving Tablescape for the Kids.   I clearly have a thing for turkeys!

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