Vintage Spring Mantle

May 9, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

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For my mantle for Spring I wanted something extremely feminine and decided upon a Vintage Spring Mantle.  My mantle is perfect for Mother’s Day centered with simple doilies and vintage opaque buttons.  The mantle is also perfect for bringing home a sweet baby girl, which I hope to do very soon.

Vintage Spring Mantle

I centered the mantle around a Vintage Tile that was tied together with an embellishment that read “remember”.  It reminds me each day to remember what I am thankful for.  I used the same tile that I used for my Tile Photo Gift, which I created for my sister for Mother’s Day.  I used washi tape around the outside of the tile, centered a doily and held everything on with adhesive ribbon.  The globes on either side of the tile are vintage candle holders that were topped with silver rose candles.

Vintage Tile Centerpiece

I added the vintage lace and burlap art work in order to balance the mantle.  The pink background is actually a lace piece of scrapbook paper.  I wrapped the scrapbook paper with burlap ribbon and placed a doily in the middle with an opaque vintage button.

Vintage Lace and Burlap Doily Art

The final addition to my mantle was a Doily Wrapped Vase with pink tulips.  Riley picked out the pink tulips and it was my entire inspiration for the mantle.  I loved how the tulips were not pure pink, but rather had streaks of pink through them.  They gave me the vintage inspiration.


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