DIY White & Gold Terra Cotta Pots

October 15, 2015 by Jenny Melrose

Today I have a quick and easy terra cotta pot DIY for you that adds a little bit of class and style to any room.  I’ve decided to use the Fall as inspiration for my guest room and so I naturally feel gold is a bit of a must.   These DIY White & Gold Terra Cotta Pots are the perfect accessory for any room.

DIY White & Gold Terra Cotta Pots

DIY White & Gold Terra Cotta Pots are the perfect accessory to any decor


Hello to all of you lovely The Melrose Family readers! My name is Maria popping over from Pastels And Macarons and it is my absolute please to be contributing to The Melrose Family blog for the first time today!

I’m currently decorating my guest bedroom and gold seems to be a big hit for this bedroom right now. I have to be careful though because I do have a tendency to overdo things and I could possibly end up with a bedroom drenched in gold… Yeah, I’m one of those people that gets a bit too carried away at times and does things to death. So I’m trying to be cautious of how much gold I’m adding into the room.

When I set out to decorate the guest bedroom I had two main goals in mind; create a room that is warm and inviting and also give it a rustic, yet modern feel. It’s a fine balance as I want the room to flow and not clash in design. I set out to makeover some temporary bedside tables (while I hunt the internet and local stores for the “perfect bedside tables”). Then once I completed those I started to think about what extra touches I want to add to the room.

DIY Terra Cotta Pots
I love using accessories to decorate a room. I’m currently a renter so I have to be really cautious with how much I can hang on walls and if I can paint any walls to give the room a different look, so I use pretty cushions and decorating items to bring my home to life. I wanted some cute little accessories on one of the bedside tables because all it has on it currently is a lamp.

I wanted to add some plants to the room and I love cactuses lately. They’re adorable AND best part about them, minimal maintenance! Win! I’m all about minimal upkeep with two small toddlers running around the house I’m limited with time.

With all of this in mind I set out to create this quick and easy painted terra cotta pots project that took minimal time and effort.

DIY White & Gold Pots

DIY Succulent Pots


What you will need to recreate these DIY White And Gold Terra Cotta Pots:


3 x Terra Cotta Pots (of your preferred size. I chose small)
Gold Spray Paint
White Spray Paint (or if like me you have run out of white, then a white primer will do also)
Painters Tape or Washi Tape
Dot Stickers
3 x Cactus Plants
Something to spray paint on like an old sheet or large piece of card stock.

DIY Terra Cotta Pots Supplies


Step 1. Begin by spray painting your pots. I painted two in white and one in gold as the base colors. Allow to dry.

DIY Terra Cotta Pots Sprayed
Step 2. Place the washi tape or painters tape and dot stickers on your pots in the patterns you desire. I wanted one pot with dots, one with the top rim white and the body of the pot in gold and the third to have geometric lines.

DIY Terra Cotta Pots washi taped
Step 3. Continue by spray painting your pots over the tape and stickers you have just stuck onto your pots in the alternating colors you want on each pot. Allow to dry.

DIY Pots Sprayed
Step 4. Gently peel off your stickers and washi tape or painters tape to expose your final patterns. I love this step so you can see the finished product.

DIY Pots with washi
Step 5. Observe your creation! How pretty right!?! Now time to place your little cactuses into your pots and enjoy the prettiness you just created.

DIY White & Gold Pots Finished

DIY Terra Cotta Pots with Succulents

DIY Terra Cotta Pot with succulent

DIY Terra Cotta Pots in White & Gold
Such simplicity, yet so elegantly feminine and pretty I think! I love my little pots. Very happy with how they turned out.

Now if you’re wondering how I created the slightly sponged on gold paint look on on of the pots it was actually by accident. The gold paint of this pot was not completely dry (I was excited alright!) and so when I peeled off the washi tape this is what I had. I actually fell in love with the finish and decided not to fix my “mistake”. If you want this look then try doing the same as I did and don’t wait for it to completely dry or you can always go back with methylated spirits and sponge a little here and there until you get this look.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy recreating my DIY White & Gold Terra Cotta Pots tutorial and fill your house up with lots of beautiful plants and cute painted pots.

DIY Terra Cotta Pots with Succulents Finished
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2 thoughts on “DIY White & Gold Terra Cotta Pots

  1. These are adorable! I made some cactus party favors for my baby shower and they were a huge hit, I only wish I’d thought to do something this cute…terra cotta pots are one of my favorite things!

  2. I love these pots so much! They would be perfect to use for a variety of things and very afforable! I actually foundt this post on Pinterest and I just wantedt to let you know I featured them as one of my “Pins of the Week.” Thank you for sharing this great idea!


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