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Easy Valentine Pancakes

Wake up your little sweethearts with these easy valentine pancakes on Valentine’s Day! Well hi there! Let me introduce myself, I’m Kristine from Kristine in between! I wanted to stop by, say hello, and share one of my favorite Valentine’s Day recipes with you, these easy valentine pancakes! These pancakes have sprinkles on the inside and on the outside, making them our favorite pancakes EVER! When my girls where smaller (they …continue reading

Valentine’s Day Mailbox & Printable Valentine Cards

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Hogs & Kisses Valentine

This may contain affiliate links. I’m not sure who looks forward to Valentine’s Day more, my girls or me.  I absolutely  adore creating something cute for Riley’s class.  Even before she went to preschool, I came up with a creative Valentine for the kids at day care.  With this being her first year in school, as a kindergartner, I could not disappoint.  I made sure I didn’t with these adorable …continue reading


Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Cake

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Kellogg’s®Rice Krispies®.  Are you ready for all things Christmas?!  I certainly am!  I’m especially ready when it comes to the fun treats and these Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Cake is no exception!  With each new Kellogg’s®Rice Krispies® treats as a new bough of the tree, it gets built right before their eyes. Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Cake My girls really found their …continue reading


Rudolph Pudding Cups

Are you looking for the perfect classroom snack idea for the holidays?  Then look no further!  These Rudolph Pudding Cups are so cute and include minimal supplies.  I was inspired to make these after the viral success of my Penguin Pudding Cups. Rudolph Pudding Cups I told you that the supplies needed for these Rudolph Pudding Cups were minimal.  You’ll need {affiliate links}: Chocolate pudding cups Gold & Red pipe cleaners …continue reading


Melted Rudolph Popcorn

Who is your favorite Christmas character?  There are some consistent Christmas characters that appear over at The Melrose Family.  You can easily find Rudolph and certainly the Grinch.  My girls love the holidays and we especially love cute snack ideas that they can help make like this Melted Rudolph Popcorn. It’s simple, easy and so good! Melted Rudolph Popcorn I was inspired by these simple Rudolph candies to make the …continue reading


Tips to Survive Cyber Monday

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toys“R“Us for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s officially Cyber Monday!  Are you ready?  We have some tips to help you survive. Tips for Surviving Cyber Monday Have a Plan It is absolutely necessary to go shopping on Cyber Monday with a plan.  You have to know what family members have already purchased so that you don’t end …continue reading


Give the Gift of Family Memories

The holidays always make me nostalgic.  I love finding the perfect gift idea for everyone on my list, but sometimes you manage to hit the jackpot with a gift idea.  This year join me in giving the gift of family memories with Thymes Frasier Fir candles.  If you’ve ever had a fresh Christmas tree then you know the type of memories that I’m talking about.   Let me take you …continue reading


Printable Santa Wish List

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toys“R“Us for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m not sure who gets more excited for Christmas, my girls or me.  There are people out there that can’t stand the fact that Christmas trees are in stores the day after Halloween.  I am not one of those people.  I love it!  In order to get ahead of the craziness …continue reading


Penguin Pudding Cups

 We love cute, easy holiday inspiration.  Since both of my girls are at an age where they appreciate the cuteness, I take full advantage of it because before I know it I’ll have teenagers that want nothing to do with all my cuteness.  Although, who in their right mind could possibly say no to these Penguin Pudding Cups?  They are just too cute!   Penguin Pudding Cups I love crafting …continue reading

Family Photo Book Gift Idea

There are gift ideas and there are personal, gorgeous gift ideas that get a reaction out of the gift recipient.  I love giving the gift that gets “that” reaction.  I especially love it when I’m able to get that from a family member.  It means I’ve done my job.  This Family Photo Book Gift Idea is one of those gifts. Family Photo Book Gift Idea My girls love seeing themselves …continue reading


Skeleton Rice Krispies Pull Apart Cake

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays.  Are you ready for all the spooktacular fun?  We created a Skeleton Rice Krispies® Pull Apart Cake that is easy and delicious.  The kids loved watching the skeleton come to life right in front of them as we molded each Kellogg’s®Rice Krispies® treat into a bone. This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Kellogg’s®Rice Krispies®.  Skeleton Rice Krispies Pull Apart Cake Kellogg’s®Rice …continue reading

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