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No Sew Bunnies

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy from Little Miss Celebration and I’m very excited to be visiting with Jenny and all of you here at The NY Melrose Family. Let’s hope that the brutal winter weather is pretty much behind us so we can focus on spring and Easter! Today, with a little fabric, felt & Styrofoam, we’re making some cute, Roly Poly No-Sew Bunnies, adorable for decoration, to pop in a …continue reading


3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial

You all know that I love quick and easy projects, but I also love pretty.  Ever since Riley's hair grew back in as a baby {yep, she was a baldy}, I've always had a bow of some sort in her hair.  For some reason I never tried headbands with Riley though.  It was most likely because the child never stayed still long enough for a headband to remain in ...


Autumn Apple Flag

When I think of Fall I immediately think of Apple Picking.  I love everything about picking apples, especially the sweets afterwards of course!  I decided this year I would bring the Autumn apples to our house.  I created an adorable Autumn Apple Flag that is so simple to put together.  Plus, I'm going to give you the design so you'll be able to print it out for yourself! Autumn Apple ...

How to Make Table Linens: JoAnn Fabrics

I am so excited to share this tutorial on how to make table linens with all of you.  As many of you know, I don’t sew.  Not even a button onto a shirt.  I’ve completed a couple of no sew projects like my No Sew Highchair Tutu and my No Sew Lamp Shade Redo and each time I am completely astounded.  These table linens are no exception.  I adore them! …continue reading

Happy Halloween

I am so excited that we didn’t miss Halloween.  With Sandy coming through we had no idea what to expect.  We were extremely fortunate to only lose power for a day and the rain actually held off for trick or treating.  Riley was so excited about trick or treating that she even came home from daycare singing “Trick or treat.  Smell my feet.   Give something sweet to eat.”  I …continue reading


Bumble Bee Tutu

I have no issues openly admitting that I am not the least bit able to sew.  I can barely thread a needle and the buttons I sew back on last about a week.  I decided though that I wanted to create Riley’s Halloween costume this year.  This is Riley’s 3rd Halloween.  I spent at least 40 dollars on her costumes for the past two years.  Riley was 10 months and …continue reading


No Sew Lamp Shade Redo

I’m not quite sure what inspired me to want to redo the lamp shade in our bedroom and turn it into a no sew lamp shade.  It very well could have been that I just got sick of seeing the hole through the shade.  Every time I turned the hole to face the wall it always seemed to get turned around back towards the front as if it was taunting me.  …continue reading

Infant Tutu

Infant Tutu Tutorial I’ve had this post done for a week now and I can’t wait any longer to post it!  Heather if you’re reading this, you better wait until after tomorrow to finish reading or you’ll ruin a surprise!  With that being said I’ll excitedly continue.  I have a niece on the way and I am super excited that I get to do all of the girly things over …continue reading


First Birthday Party Idea: Highchair Tutu

A first birthday party is one of the most memorable birthday parties and what mom doesn’t want to make that first birthday party memorable?  One of my absolute favorite first birthday party ideas is a highchair tutu.  It is the perfect way to make those first birthday party pictures pop. With simple instructions and no sewing required, you don’t want to miss this tutorial! This may contain affiliate links where …continue reading

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