Family Dinner Conversation Starter Printables

August 14, 2017 by Jenny Melrose

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Family Dinner Conversation Starter Printables

Family dinner conversation seems to be a thing of the past. No more! Let’s make it our mission to bring back eating dinner at the table, talking with our family members and connect at the end of the busy day. Our Family Conversation Starter printables are the perfect way to do just that.

Family Dinner Conversation Starters

On a driving vacation this summer I brought along a travel journal I created for my kids that have games and activities. But the biggest hit was the family conversation starters.

My kid’s LOVED them!

I had 48 questions in the book that I read and we discussed as a family. I thought this was a great idea to expand on and make sure we find ways to stay connected during the week.

Dinnertime Discussion Questions

Start A Discussion At The Dinner Table

It is too easy to ask an easy yes or no question, but it takes more effort to dig deeper. How was school? Fine. Does that happen in your house?

I am on a mission to see what happened during their day – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Start A Conversation At The Dinner Table
I need to make myself stop what I am doing and be present when my kids are talking to me and remember that even if I am busy, I want them to be heard and know they matter.

Start A Conversation At The Dinner Table

Eating together is a perfect way to create a routine, build traditions and learn more about each other.

Making memorable moments is so important to me and I suspect to you also.

The Family conversation starters pack comes with over 115+ questions. With so many different prompts, I promise, you will not run out of things to talk about.

How To Use The Family Conversation Starters

  1. Print the questions.
  2. Cut apart the strips of paper and find a jar or box to put them in. Fold, roll or leave flat before adding to the jar.
  3. Display the jar on the dinner table.
  4. Create your own tradition on when and how you incorporate the Family Conversation Starters into your meal time. Open one a day? Open one for each family member per day? The choice is yours! Be creative.
  5. Sit back and be amazed at all there is to learn about your family!!

Let's Get Talking! Easy Dinner Time Conversation Starters

I loved learning new things about my husband and kids. Often the stories ended up in a giggle fest. And if I went too quickly and everyone didn’t get a chance to answer – I got the old “Mom!! You are going too fast”. I just couldn’t believe they were participating and enjoyed it!

This is a total mom win!! You can do it too!

The best part of our trip was when I heard my teenager ask “Are there any more questions??”. I ran out. I knew I needed to take advantage and create even more questions while they are still willing to go along with my crazy antics.

I hope these free Family Conversation Starters will be a hit with your family as they were with mine.

After a long day of school, work, sports, laundry, and cooking it’s nice to connect over time spent at the dinner table. What a great way to invest in your family.

Family Conversations

As a bonus, I added a page of blank conversation starter slips so you can add your own questions to the mix.

Family Converstion Starters To GoNeed a distraction while dining out? What about at the doctor’s office when you are waiting? Take a set of conversation starters! Print the questions on card stock and trim apart.

Punch a hole at the end of the paper strips, place on a metal ring and add a ribbon or two for a special touch. This is a great way to keep the conversation going even if you don’t have time at the dinner table.


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