Simplest Way to Clean the Garbage Disposal

July 10, 2015 by Jenny Melrose

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We recently made our move down south and we are adjusting nicely.  We are especially loving the new house.  I have a little bit of secret though to share.  I’ve always had a thing against garbage disposals.  They just make me nervous.  The whole idea of grinding going on just below the surface of the sink doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m getting used to it though and I’ve quickly learned that it’s important to keep that baby clean.  I’ve come up with the simplest way to clean the garbage disposal.  It’s so easy that it’ll take a matter of minutes.

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Simplest Way to Clean the Garbage Disposal

Simplest Way to Clean the Garbage Disposal

I don’t know about you, but I love easy cleaning tutorials that don’t require any scrubbing.  One of our most popular articles is How to Clean a Shower Head.  It was featured on Buzzfeed multiple times and it brings readers back every time because there’s zero scrubbing.  Plus, there’s no harmful chemical.  Our simplest way  to clean the garbage disposal is also all natural and requires minimal supplies.  You’ll be amazed how well our garbage disposal tablets clean the parts as well as the odor from your garbage disposal. Join the 10 Day Chemical Freedom Challenge

Garbage Disposal Tablets

You’ll need three ingredients for these garbage disposal tablets: Lemon slices, Distilled White Vinegar and Thieves Young Living Essential Oil.  Be sure to scroll down for a great deal on Young Living Essential Oils so that you can naturally clean your Front Loading Washer as well as your Shower Head.  Simple and oh so easy!  Just watch how quickly they come together!

I used a cupcake tray because I wanted a larger tablet, but you could always use an ice cube tray.  Although, I would probably only use that tray for this purpose then.  Place one to two lemon slices into each hole depending upon the size of your container and then fill with distilled white vinegar.  Lastly, drop in two to three drops of Thieves Essential Oil into each hole.  Freeze the cupcake tray overnight so that the tablets become solid.  You’ll want to place the tablet into your disposal and let the water run just to start to melt the tablet a bit and then turn on your garbage disposal.  You’ll have the fabulous smell of lemon as well as the thieves oil lingering afterwards.

Garbage Disposal Tablets with only 3 Ingredients

Since we’ve made the switch to all natural cleaning in our home I’m so pleased with the outcome.  I don’t need to worry about the chemicals that I’m using.  In order to help you and your family make the switch I have a fabulous deal on the premium starter kit of Young Living Essential Oils.  Click HERE for more info.

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