Valentine Candy Cookies

February 4, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

I love simple, yet pretty desserts and these Valentine Cookies are no exception.  These are no bake and very little ingredients or supplies.  Woohoo!  Who doesn’t love that right?

Valentine Cookies

Valentine Candy Cookies

In order to create these cookies you’ll need Wilton Hearts Cookie Candy Mold, Wilton Pink Candy Melts, Wilton White Candy Melts,  Wilton Decorating Squeeze Bottles and Oreos in Strawberry Cream Flavor.  To start out you’ll need to melt the pink candy melts according to the package directions.  Place the melted candy in a decorating squeeze bottle and trace the heart outline inside the cookie candy mold.  Once the heart is dry, place melted white chocolate two thirds full into the tray.  Make sure to tap the tray in order to get rid of any air bubbles and to evenly distribute the chocolate.  Set an Oreo on top and then press it into the candy so that the sides are covered.  Put the candy cookie tray into the refrigerator until the candy is solid.  To remove the candy cookies from the tray, simply turn the tray upside down and press on the cookies to release.

Valentine Candy Cookies Steps

The strawberry cream Oreos are Riley’s absolute favorite Oreo and my girl loves her cookies.  These Valentine Candy Cookies are a simple Valentine treat that she can even help create and then devour or hand out to friends.  {Winks!}

Valentine Candy Cookies with Inside Showing



  • Ashley

    How cute! I will be on the lookout for these oreos – nyc grocery stores never carry the good stuff!

    • Jenny Melrose

      That isn’t any fun! If you get out of the city, definitely stop at any local grocery store and they’ll have them.

  • Julie

    These are super cute, Jenny! Good choice for the cookie! 🙂

    • Jenny Melrose

      Thanks Julie! My daughter would definitely agree with you.

  • Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

    Very cute, Jenny. And simple enough for kiddos to help out. I love the heart on top. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.
    I have another blog related question. I hope you don’t mind.
    1. I love how your new posts are delivered to my email – meaning it’s just a notice and then I click on through to your site. (The one I have delivers the whole post to a person’s email so they don’t need to click through to my site, but I want them to.) What subscription plugin do you use?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Jenny Melrose

      I’m on WP and hopefully you are too so this will be helpful. If you go to settings>reading> you can then click full text or summary. I have summary clicked. I have feedburner set up, but I always use the email subscription through jetpack, which is how your emails are delivered. I love the jetpack emails because they do it automatically.

  • sue @ cakeballs, cookies and more

    oh I have those molds, but I gave up on trying with coloured or white chocolate, it hates me. Yours look great!

  • Tanya Schroeder

    I love the Jenny! Such a nice contrast between the white chocolate, Oreo cookie and that berry filling! Would love if it you could link this up to Iron Chef Mom -White Chocolate!

  • Diana Rambles


  • Randi - Dukes and Duchesses

    Jenny, those look so yummy … and so pretty!

  • Karyn - Pint Sized Baker

    I love chocolate covered Oreos! Yummy 🙂 Thanks for sharing these on Two Cup Tuesday! I look forward to seeing you there on Monday Night!

  • Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon

    girl you had me at oreo!! what a perfect way to jazz it up! thanks for sharing at Monday Funday!

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