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It’s official. Back to School time is in full swing. With this time of year comes all of the hottest back to school trends. And this year there are some back to school trends you’ll want to steal for your home office!

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Back to School Trends You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home Office

It’s official. Back to School time is in full swing. With this time of year comes all of the hottest back to school trends.

My kids head back to school in less than two weeks. How about yours?

With a teenage daughter heading to high school for the first time, we’ve been keeping an eye on this year’s back to school trends….

“Because, you know, it’s like SO embarrassing to show up for the first day of school and have the same backpack as someone else or be dressed like someone else or have the same designer folder as someone else! Gag me!”

Thankfully, this sounds much more like me than my own daughter. 🙂

But we’ve been watching trends anyway, and I’ve found 7 Back to School Trends You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home Office!

I’ve already added some of these trend-setting items to my home office and several others are on my wish list!

#1 Colorful and Imprinted Pencils

Pencils are no longer just pencils. They’re a way to express your personality, keep track of the days of the week, and manage the environment around you. And that makes writing with them so much more fun!

Want to jump on board with this trend? Try these:

Colorful Pencils

Show off your feminine side with these Perfect Pink Pencils from the Etsy Shop, Preppy Prodigy.

Personlized pencils

If you’re a fan of Pitch Perfect like yours truly, you’ll be going aca-crazy for these Pitch Perfect Pencils from the Etsy Shop, the carbon crusader.

Need a place to store all of your new, full-of-personality pencils? Try this quick and easy DIY Desk Organizer!

#2 Unique Diaries and Journals

I love the versatility of journals and diaries. I use them for organizing just about everything including my thoughts, ongoing and upcoming projects, to-do’s, goals, keepsakes, and so much more. So, of course, I was thrilled to see a plethora of fun and unique journals and diaries popping up in this year’s trends!

My favorites?

Unique Diaries

This Step in the Right Confection Journal from ModCloth.

Unique Diary 2

And this Ticket Stub Diary also from ModCloth.

#3 Monogrammed Anything

Monograms are back! And they’re popping up on everything.

Here are a couple of my favorites:


Monogrammed Folders from Designs by Brandi Co.

Monogram everythig

Or snag a set of these monogrammed stickers and monogram all the things! These stickers are from When It Rains Paper.

And since we’re talking monogramming all the things, why not create a DIY family monogram to incorporate into your fall decor this year?

#4 Washi Tape and Washi Tape Dispensers

Washi Tape is a little like journals for me…I use it for organizing everything!

Not only is Washi Tape hot again this year, so are Washi Tape dispensers.

washi tape


I can’t wait to use this set of Washi Tape from Allydrew.

washi tape dispencer

And I’m so ready to put this multitasking Cork Cube Tape Dispenser and Desk Organizer from Urban Outfitters to work in my home office. I’m going to put it on the shelf under my DIY Home Office Command Center!

#5 Kate Spade Anything

Enough said!

Kate Spade push pins

These Kate Spade Bow Push Pins are adorbs.

Kate Spade Pencil Pouch

And I can’t wait to store my best pencils in this Kate Spade Pencil Pouch!

#6 Adorned with Emojis

For yet another school year, emoji adorned items are flying off the shelves.

Emoji binder clips

I’ve already got a set of these Emoji Binder Clips in my office (and I sent a set to my oldest daughter to use in her office).

emoji stickers

And I’m seriously considering adding these Emoji Sticky Notes to my collection. Sometimes all it takes is an emoji. 😛

#7 Funky Pencil Cups

Pencil cups aren’t just plastic and metal anymore! There are hundreds of ways to express your personality with your pencil cup.

funky pencil cups

These Pastel Pencil Holders are made with concrete. I think I’ll keep these for myself…I don’t see the school loving these as much as I do. They’re from the Etsy shop, Beton Deko.

funky pencil holder

But this colorful, geometric beauty from Paper Hearts Station is the perfect geometric pop of color for a boring locker!

#8 Planners and Calendars

If you’re like me, this isn’t so much a trend as a necessity. My calendar/planner is how I keep my life from dissolving into chaos!

Here are a two of my favorites:


We use The Flylady Calendar every school year. It serves as our family calendar and the central feature of our command center. I love it because the squares are large, and it starts in August, just in time for the busy school schedules. Plus, it has a seriously handy pocket in the back. No more lost school papers!

calendar planner

Learn more about how we add hours to our day by using our calendar here!

And snag your copy of my FREE printable single month calendar here!

Calendar six

The other planner I always use isn’t a traditional planner. It’s a goal planner by Lara Casey called Powersheets. And it has helped me to make this year my best yet!

So, those are the back to school trends you’ll want to steal for your home office according to moi!

Which one will you steal first? Or maybe you’ve got your eye on a different trend?

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    Office supplies, school suppllies, paper, pens, journals. Anything like this I love. I’m such a geek. The pencil case is super cute!

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    Seriously, these photos were ljust making me crazy. I love them all I’m a office supply/ school supply junkie. I struggle with washi tape though. Could you post how specifically you use it!! Thx

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