Butterfly Hair Clips

January 13, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

There’s just something about creating hair clips that gets me so excited.  I love adding a little something extra girly to my girls’ outfits.  The fun part is that I can now say girls because Avery’s hair is long enough to hold a hair clip.  So what if it’s only long enough to keep it out of her eyes?  She still looks too cute.  Last year I created Heart Hair Clips and then turned them into Hair Clip Valentines which includes a free printable.  This year I went with butterfly hair clips and I have to tell you, I absolutely adore these.  They were so simple to put together and they are just too stinkin’ cute.  Plus, I turned them into a Valentine this year too so be sure to grab the free printable down at the bottom.

Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly Hair Clips

My favorite part is definitely the face.  The beads came with the face already painted on, but it would have been just as easy to use a sharpie to create a face on a bead.  I saw these and were inspired to create the clip.  I added a sparkly, purple pipe cleaner as the antennas that I glued on with hot glue.  I then wrapped a piece of tulle in the middle and hot glued it onto the alligator hair clip in the middle so that it was scrunched.  This way the tulle looked like wings.  The final step was hot gluing the head onto the alligator clip with two beads below the head as the body of the butterfly.

Butterfly Hair Clips Tutorial

I put together six of these in about ten minutes with the help of Riley.  She was amused for about two of those minutes by handing me the piece of the butterfly that needed to go on next.  The rest of the time she sat arranging the beads in a pattern.  She also managed to swipe my silver pipe cleaners when I wasn’t looking.  I found them hidden in one of her toys later that day.  My girl and her treasures.

Butterfly Hair Clips diy

Riley was extremely pleased with the finished product and even modeled one for me.  Although, I couldn’t snap a picture fast enough of course.  She didn’t understand why there were so many though.  I explained that they were for her friends at school as Valentines.   I got a very stern look and she stated, “Mommy, there needs to be paper for them to be Valentines.”  Yes, I have my hands full.  I assured her that I would be adding paper before she brought them to school.

Hair Clips Valentine

So to please my daughter I created these Heart Flutter Valentine printables.  The printable does not include Riley’s name at the bottom so feel free to print them out and use them for your child.  They are so sweet because they have the look as if they were hand drawn.  Riley was definitely pleased and she’s extremely excited about bringing them to school.  Now, we just need to break out our Valentine’s Day Countdown so that she can stop asking me if they’re going to school with her today.




  • ang

    Hi Jenny,
    These are super cute, and I love the printable valentine to go with them – great idea!
    I pinned these to my Valentine’s Day board (as well as the Top Pins of the Day) Thanks for being so gracious and taking the time to have a quick hangout with me! 🙂
    Happy Wednesday!

    • Jenny Melrose

      Thanks so much Ang. I appreciate your sweet words.

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