Hogs & Kisses Valentine

January 8, 2017 by Jenny Melrose

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I’m not sure who looks forward to Valentine’s Day more, my girls or me.  I absolutely  adore creating something cute for Riley’s class.  Even before she went to preschool, I came up with a creative Valentine for the kids at day care.  With this being her first year in school, as a kindergartner, I could not disappoint.  I made sure I didn’t with these adorable Hogs & Kisses Valentine.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine

Hogs & Kisses Valentine is the cutest Valentine idea for a class or just someone you want to cheer up.

Have you ever seen anything so stinking cute?!  I mentally knew what I wanted these to look like weeks ago, but to see it all come to fruition once I had all the supplies just makes me giddy. The supplies truly are minimal and I had just about everything at home except for the strawberry applesauce and the felt hearts.

You’ll need:

strawberry applesauce for the body

pipe cleaners for the tail

googly eyes

button for the nose

felt hearts for the ears

cardstock heart

Valentine Hershey kisses

Hogs & Kisses Valentine Supplies

My felt hearts had tiny stickers on the back of them so I folded them in half and stuck the sides together with it.  You can easily use hot glue, which is what I had to do for a couple since the sticker wasn’t holding well.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine Ears

I hot glued the eyes, nose and ears onto the front of the strawberry applesauce to create the face of my “hog”.  I then hot glued a rolled pipe cleaner to the backside as the tail.  To roll the pipe cleaner, I simply wrapped it around a pencil and cut it into one inch rolled pieces for the tails.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine hog

The final step  was creating the actual Valentine.  I  hot glued my hog onto the cardstock heart as well as the Hershey Kiss.  Finally, I used a Sharpie red markers to write, “Hogs & Kisses”.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine Above

I can’t wait to see Riley’s face when she comes home from school today and she sees these.  I made 30 of these in about 30 minutes and they are presently covering my kitchen counter.  It’s hog wild in here!

Hogs & Kisses Valentine tail

Sorry!  I couldn’t help myself with that cheesy joke above.  It’s what happens when you live in NC and they’ve closed school three days since getting two inches of snow on Friday.  You get a little batty!

Hogs & Kisses Valentine fb

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