Milky Way Cake

October 25, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

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I have a serious addiction to candy lately.  I just cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to go through Riley’s trick-or-treat bag when she’s finally gone to sleep after her sugar high from trick-or-treating.  I have a small confession to make.  I may have had Riley toddle up to houses when she was 10 months old for her first time trick-or-treating {she started walking at 9.5 months}.  She was absolutely the cutest trick-or-treater ever, but I was thrilled to get her candy afterwards.  After devouring my Milky Way Cupcakes, I thought it was only fair that I make a small Milky Way Cake for all of you!

Milky Way Cake

Milky Way Cake

This cake is actually super simple and includes minimum ingredients.  As a busy teacher mom of a preschooler and newborn I take as many shortcuts as possible.  I used Pillsbury’s Devil’s Food Cake Mix for the cake and some individually wrapped caramels stuck in the batter as well as on the top for decoration.  The frosting is where the punch is and it’s all because of the Milky Way Bites.

Milky Way Cake

I made a single six inch round cake because I used the other half of the batter and frosting for a dozen of my Milky Way Cupcakes.  Instead of making a single, you could easily make a two layer cake with frosting in between the layers and the recipe for the frosting {which you can find here} would be plenty for two, nine inch round cakes with frosting in between the layers.

Milky Way Cake Leftover Candy

If you’re looking for more ways to use up your leftover candy, be sure to check out my Baby Ruth Cupcakes, Reese’s Pieces Mini Bundt Cakes or my Almond Joy Cupcakes.  What can I say?!  I LOVE my candy!




  • Kim @ The Cookie Puzzle

    I am so happy I found your blog via Tater Tots and Jello…Candy…Cake…OH YES PLEASE!

  • suzyhomemaker

    I love your trick or treating story with Riley. Too funny! This will be our first year going since Sandy ruined last year. I am thinking I will be raiding little ones bag as well!

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