First Birthday Party Idea: Highchair Tutu

February 28, 2012 by Jenny Melrose
A first birthday party is one of the most memorable birthday parties and what mom doesn’t want to make that first birthday party memorable?  One of my absolute favorite first birthday party ideas is a highchair tutu.  It is the perfect way to make those first birthday party pictures pop. With simple instructions and no sewing required, you don’t want to miss this tutorial!

No Sew Highchair Tutu around a highchair set up for a First Birthday Party

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First Birthday Party Highchair Tutu supplies needed:

1. Elastic band 1/2″ to 1″ thick and you’ll need it long enough to fit around the highchair
2.  Two Rolls of Tulle, which were about 4-6″ wide
3.  Sticky Velcro Squares to stick the highchair on the outside of the tray.
4.  Decorative Ribbon is optional for the outside of the tutu.
First Birthday Party Highchair Tutu placed on the highchair

First Birthday Party Highchair Tutu Steps:

  • Take a piece of tulle and fold it in half so you’ll need to make sure that the tulle is the length that you want when it is folded.
  • Hold the fold of the tulle above the elastic with the elastic over the tulle.
  • Loop the longer piece of tulle over the elastic and through the fold of the tulle.
  • Pull the longer piece tight through the loop.
  • The loop should be pulled tight to the elastic and what is seen around the outside of the highchair tray once it is attached.
  • Place the sticky velcro squares around the outside of the highchair and match them up with the inside of the tutu so that it will fit flush against the highchair.
  • The tutu will need to be tied in the back once the birthday girl or boy is placed in the seat so that first birthday party pictures can be taken.
Seriously that’s it!  I created the tutu by using the same steps as my Infant Tutu.  I routinely use the tutu tutorial to create tutus for Halloween costumes or just as tutus for dance.  I think tutus are just part of the territory when having a daughter.
Up close with the attachment of the velcro squares to the No Sew Highchair Tutu for a first birthday party
The biggest difference with the highchair tutu and the skirt tutu are that you need to keep the elastic long enough to wrap around the high chair.   I was able to simply tie it behind the chair that the highchair sits on.  Depending upon your highchair, you might need to cut your elastic longer and unless you can get your daughter into the highchair without removing the tray, you won’t be able to tie it until she is in the highchair.  The tutu took me about an hour and a half to make and the pictures were well worth the effort.
up close view of the velcro square on the Highchair and the tutuI made my first highchair tutu for Riley’s Second Birthday because for her first birthday party, I forgot the highchair all together.  We have pictures of her eating cake out of my hand.  It was a first time mom mistake for sure.  For her second birthday party I made up for it though.  I placed ribbon around the outside of the tutu and it ended up dipping around the outside of the tray.  I could have tried to hot glue the ribbon to the outside of the tutu, but I wanted Riley to be able to wear it as a tutu afterwards.  She totally does too!  Most people assume that the tutu will get covered in cake, but neither one of ours did.  Most of the time she wears it over her jeans!  Love that girl!

First Birthday Party Tips for Success

  • The first birthday party is more about amusing the other kids that are attending than about amusing your one year old.
  • When creating the menu keep your adults in mind and just make a large dish of a kid friendly food like mac n cheese or chicken fingers.
  • Collages with twelve pictures with each picture representing a month of your child’s life with milestones like first tooth, first time crawling, standing or eating solid foods are great milestones to track.
  • Get the guests involved by having them write a note to the first birthday girl or boy to open on their eighteenth birthday.  This is especially important for grandparents and great-grandparents that may not be there for her eighteenth birthday.
  • Think about creating a smash cake for your first birthday boy or girl.  It will make the other children attending less crazy about getting their slice of cake and much easier for first birthday party pictures.
  • Have your highchair tutu attached to the outside of the tray so that all you need to do is pop the tray onto the highchair.
  • Place the highchair in a spot with a visually pleasing or blank background so that the focus during the first birthday party pictures is on the birthday girl or boy and not on the background.

For Avery’s Fairy First Birthday party I decided not to go with a ribbon around the outside.  Since the decor consisted of Tulle Pom Poms it only seemed natural to leave the tulle exposed.  I loved how well it matched the Fairy Magic Wands.  First Birthday Party picture of one year old smashing her birthday cake and getting icing all over her face and hands


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    I like your style!! Even a high chair deserves a good dress up for a birthday! This is so cute! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

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    I made a gift table tutu for my daughter's birthday in October. It was so easy and cute. Yours turned out adorable!

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    How did you attach the tutu around the high chair? I'm having trouble with mine!

  • Jenny @ The NY Melrose Family

    I used velcro that had a sticky side that I stuck onto her tray. So I put one piece of the velcro on the tray in multiple spots and then I put the other side on the outside of the tutu in the corresponding spot to match up with the tray. I tried to email you back, but you're a no-reply commenter.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this!! I was figuring that I would have to use velcro to keep it down on the tray but wasn’t sure. It looked so cute! Great job 🙂

    • Jenny Melrose

      Thanks so much Tammy. I was and still am so proud of that highchair tutu. Riley wears it now as a tutu.

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    How did you attach the skirt to the highchair? I feel like tape wouldn’t stay. HELP!

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    hi is there any instructions on how to make the highchair tutu plz

    • Jenny Melrose

      Are you not seeing the rest of the pictures showing how to attach the highchair tutu? If you’re looking for how to make a tutu then you’ll need to click on the tutu tutorial that is linked within the post.

  • Jen

    So adorable! I need to make one for my princess’ 1st birthday!

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    It may be cute. ? But can you imagine cleaning it after every meal. ?.. not worth it. ?.

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    I was wondering how you tie off the sides so the tulle doesn’t slip off?

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    Hi, love the tutu high chair cover. Wanted to know if you’d make one for me, how much you’d charge? My daughter will be 1 on July 1st but with an almost 3 year old boy and a business, right now I rarely have time to pee! Just curious if you’d even consider making one. I’d need a true turquoise like the purple one, no ribbon needed. You could mail to me- I’m in PA. Let me know thanks!

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  • Caitlin

    What do I do with the elastic ends of the highchair tutu when I’m done?

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    I plan on making this for my granddaughters first birthday. Just one question. How long did you cut each piece of tulle?

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