Unique Gifts for Kids

December 10, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

I absolutely love creating gifts from jars.  Last year I created Minty Snowmen filled with a gorgeous Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub for Riley’s teachers.  This year I wanted to make sure that I made a little something for all the children in her class.  Our Frankenstein Halloween Treats went over so well that I decided to stick with unique gifts.  We created a Rudolph Applesauce!

Unique Gifts for Kids

Unique Gifts for Kids

The supplies for the Rudolph Applesauce are simple.  I’m including links so you can get a visual for all of the products.  They are affiliate links.  You’ll need Musselman’s 4 pack of Big Cup Cinnamon Apple Sauce, pipe cleaners, googley eyes and red jingle bells.  Plus your trusty glue gun, of course.

Unique Gifts for Kids Supplies

The first step is to adhere the googley eyes and red jingle bell to the front of the Musselman’s Big Cup of Apple Sauce.  I’m sure that a regular size jar of apple sauce would work, but I like the shape of the Big Cup better.

Unique Gifts Reindeer face

Next comes the pipe cleaners.  I used an assortment of colors because Riley didn’t just approve of having all gold.  First, I cut the pipe cleaner in half, which is not shown.  Then I bent the pipe cleaner in half.  From there I bent one side in half so that it was pointing up in the air.  The final step was to then bend the side up in the air in half and leave a little bit of a dip on the end.

Unique Gifts Reindeer Antlers

I added the antlers to the back of the apple sauce jars with hot glue.  I started out trying to glue them straight onto the jars, but after burning off a couple of fingerprints I realized that I could bend the pipe cleaners to make them straight once the glue had cooled.  It was one of those head slap moments.

Unique Gifts Antlers

I absolutely LOVE the way they came out and so did Riley.  I made twelve of these cups with Avery and Riley running around in about ten to fifteen minutes.  They are simple unique gits that work perfectly for schools that have a strict food policy like my daughter’s.  You can also feel good about that fact that they are a healthy alternative to candy and cupcakes.  I’m sure they’ll be getting plenty of that else where.

Unique Gifts for Kids Class

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  • Lizzy

    Did the hot glue melt the plastic cup? I want to make these from pudding cups!! Such a great idea but a little concerned about the hot glue melting the plastic!! Thanks!!

  • Patty Wines

    I used glue dots and the worked great.

  • Edwina

    I love this idea. I think my kids are going to love them too. We’ll make them all together. Such a cute idea for the holidays. Thanks for such a simple and easy idea that we can complete before anyone gets bored before it’s finished!

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