Easy Valentine Hair Clip

January 13, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

We are in full swing Valentine mode.  I want to show you how to put together an Easy Valentine Hair Clip that doesn’t require any sewing.  I know, who knew I’d come up with something that didn’t involve any sewing!  {Winks}

Easy Valentine Hair Clips

Valentine Hair Clip

A no sew, easy Valentine Hair Clip.

This hair clip only requires five supplies!  Red felt, Pink Felt Glitter Heart, Red button, Alligator Hair Clip  and Hot glue.  I drew a heart onto the red felt and then simply cut the heart out.  I hot glued the red felt to the alligator hair clip.  I then hot glued the pink glitter felt heart onto the center of the red felt heart.  The final step was hot gluing the red button to the side of the pink glitter heart.  So easy!

Valentine Hair Clip Supplies

I love the way it looks.  Don’t even think about telling me you see greys either.  Those are very blonde pieces of hair.  {That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!}

Valentine Hair Clip Worn

We made these as Riley’s Valentine gift for her friends at daycare and are part of our Valentine Calendar Countdown. You can grab the free printable Valentine here.



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