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Printable Bunny Basket

Hello Melrose Family fans, it’s Kati from Houseful of Handmade. Easter is coming, and I just realized how close it is! Anytime Easter is in March, it sneaks up on me. So with only a couple weeks until Easter, it’s time to start crafting all things bunnies. That is why I made these adorable Free Printable Bunny Baskets.


Are you looking for the perfect easy craft to do with the kids? Grab these free printable bunny baskets and let them go to town decorating it for Easter.


These bunny baskets actually came about because of an error while making these free printable egg shaped boxes. I miscalculated my geometry (which actually happens a lot, don’t tell anyone) and ended up with flat eggs. Whoops! But my husband insisted I could turn the mistake into something else. He kept telling me that Post-Its were a mistake turned into a billion dollar industry. I am not claiming these are anywhere near as awesome as Post-Its, but they are super adorable and perfect for Easter.

Free Printable Bunny Baskets


My mistake box sat on my desk, taunting me while I figured out the correct geometry for the egg shaped boxes. Then all the sudden it hit me, BUNNIES!

What is cuter than a bunny? Seriously, don’t you just love watching the viral video with the bunnies in tumblers sleeping. So stinking cute. And if you want adorable bunnies, without the poop and needing to remember to feed them, make up an army of these little bunny boxes. Just look at their sweet little faces.

Free Bunny Baskets


And to make them even more adorable, I added little pom pom feet and cotton ball tails. Bunnies need to be fluffy. Now instead of staring at my mistake box on my desk, I have an adorable little bunny smiling at me, and holding a treat.

These bunny boxes are super easy to make. Just print out the PDF and cut along the solid lines. Then score and fold along all the dotted lines.

Free Bunny Basket Template


Glue the tabs (I used a regular school glue stick). I started by glueing the tabs on either side of the front, then ended at the back, securing the back tab at the same time as the bottom tabs. To add the handle, add some glue to the inside of the box just before the side fold. Then do the same on the other side and secure the handle.

Free Printable Bunny Basket Construction


Finish them off by glueing small white pom poms on the bottom front and a cotton ball on the bottom of the back. I used my hot glue gun for this.

Free Printable Bunny Basket with Tail


Now fill them with a little Easter grass, then add your favorite treats. I am a huge sucker for Cadbury Mini Eggs so I loaded them up with some. I’ll probably eat all the Cadbury Mini Eggs and fill them with jelly beans or malted eggs for the kids, haha!

Free Printable Bunny Baskets Filled


Since I have a few more weeks until Easter, I can create a bunny basket army. Little bunnies in every room… sounds perfect to me!

Free Printable Bunny



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  1. Roswitha S Thompson

    It says “free printable Easter basket, but then it sends me to a site that will charge $3.00 for it. I don’t undertand this

  2. These are adorable!! I am thinking of making these for my prek4 class this year! We are having an Easter egg hunt with regular sized plastic eggs. Each child will get to find and keep 12, how big/small are these for that task? Thank you!!

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