Printable Daisy Gift Bags

April 22, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

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Hello everyone! It’s Kati from Houseful of Handmade here to share more printable paper crafts. I love paper crafting. It is so fun to be able to create fun things from just paper. And with some fun digital designs printed on the paper, the possibilities are endless. Since May is right around the corner, I thought I would do something fun for Mother’s Day. But mom’s need something really special for all their hard work, so I am helping by making these beautiful Free Printable Daisy Gift Bags for you to hold that extra special gift for mom.

Printable Daisy Gift Bags

Are you looking for the perfect way to package that special gift idea for Mom? These Printable Daisy Gift Bags are stunning and functional.


As soon as I decided to craft something for Mother’s Day, I knew I wanted to use the new daisy print that I created. I used the daisy print in the Free Digital Backgrounds for April and I still smile every time I look at my phone. Daisies are just the perfect flower for spring, they are bright and fresh and make you forget about all things cold and winter.

Printable Daisy Gift Bag


Obviously I am a huge fan of DIYing, and I love to DIY presents when I can. But if I cannot make the perfect gift for someone, I might as well DIY the wrapping. That’s how these beautiful, bright gift bags were born.

I made two different sizes. The smaller one is 4″ x 6 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ deep, perfect for gifts like jewelry (hint hint husbands everywhere) or even a cute way to wrap up a gift card. The larger one is 5 1/2″ x 8″ x 2 1/2″ deep and works perfectly for wrapping a bit larger gifts. And these gift bags are so easy to put together anyone can do it!

Printable Gift Bags



So the hardest part of putting these bags together was printing them double sided so they lined up correctly. Of course when I needed it my printer kept getting a paper jam when I tried to use the double sided feature. Then I had to print a few extra before I figured out the right way to put the paper back in the paper tray so it printed on the correct side. But once I stopped fighting the printer, the bags came together in just minutes.

Printable Daisy Mother's Day Gift Bags


To make your bags you will want to print the PDFs so the front is printed with the daisy print and the back has the fold lines. Print on a high quality paper, but not cardstock. I used a bright white 24 lb copy paper.

My printer prints borderless, but if you do not have the ability to do that, you will want to still print actual size and then you will have a small empty border around the edge of the paper. This border will be mostly hidden in the bag or on the back so don’t worry.

Printable Diasy Gift Bag Supplies


After you’ve printed the bag, it’s time to fold. I like to use my paper cutter with a scoring blade to score all the fold lines to make it easier. All the dotted lines will be folded except the line that runs the whole height of the paper 1/2 inch from the edge on the small bag (it is for the seam in the back of the bag). If you don’t have a paper cutter, you can check out how I scored my lines with a nail file when I made these Ikat Candy Corn Treat Bags before I gave in and bought the paper cutter.

Printable Gift Bags Tutorial


Then cut along the solid lines. I like to cut after I score so my scoring blade does not catch on the cut paper.

Printable Gift Bags cuts


Now it’s time to start folding.

Start with the top and fold it down. Then glue it down. This will create a strong and clean top to the bag.

Printable Gift Bags glued


Next fold in the sides of the bag. You will fold these like accordions: front, back, front. But only fold to the dotted V at the bottom of the center line. Then use your fingers to slightly crease the V.

Repeat on the other side.

Printable Gift Bags glued combined


Now fold the back together and glue. It should overlap to the dotted line (and the print should line up nicely for you too). Then glue together the 4 bottom flaps. I like to glue the side flaps to the back flap then finish with the front flap on top.


And finally if you want to add handles, use a hole punch to punch holes in the front and back of the bag.

Printable Gift Bags hole punched


Then string a ribbon through the holes and tie a knot on the inside of the bag to secure. Now you are all done!

Printable Free Daisy Gift Bags


Oh my goodness, isn’t it so cute? My sweet husband says he will definitely use it for my Mother’s Day gift. Glad I could help honey!

If you want to make the larger bag, you will follow the same steps but will be connecting the two papers together at the sides. I started by connecting one side, then the other. You can’t even tell where it is connected!

Printable Gift Bas


For the larger bag’s handle I used some cotton rope I had left over from my Nautical Art Display Wall. I think I love the cotton rope handles more than the bright yellow ribbon (and I love bright yellow ribbon).

Printable Daisy Gift Bags FB


Now the real hard part of this project is going to be figuring out what to put in the bag for my mom for Mother’s Day. She just got a brand new kitchen, so she’s now set for life 🙂

Go ahead and click on the link below to download your own Free Printable Daisy Gift Bags and get ready for some gifting.


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I’d love for you to follow along with all my crafting and creating adventures at Houseful of Handmade. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’ to see my latest projects and snippets of our fun (and a little crazy) life!



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