Whimsy Wednesdays 164

Creamy Pepperjack Enchiladas by Bombshell Bling

I’m starting the 21 Day Fix on May 1st.  I not only need to get a good fix on, but Joe leaves to start his new job May 1st so it’ll be a good distraction as well as getting me in a mindset to get our entire house packed so that I can follow him […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 163


We love easy recipes in our house.  Especially when there’s nice weather outside and the girls have their little faces pressed up against the glass waiting for me to be done in the kitchen so that they can get out and run in the long anticipating sunshine.  I don’t blame them.  I feel like I’ve […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 162

Outlander Fairy Pool Cocktail by Living Better Together

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends.  Once Easter is over with it means grilling and cocktails at our house so I thought I’d kick the season off with this Outlander Fairy Pool Cocktail by Living Better Together.  You can get the recipe HERE.  Isn’t it just gorgeous?!  I can’t […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 161


Gardening season is right around the corner and I know for some it’s already started {so jealous}.  This year I want each of my girls to have their own little garden.  We’ve had tons of success with Riley eating what she grows and it has helped expand the foods that she is willing to eat. […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 160

Maple Orange Garlic Glazed Ham by Simply Fresh Dinners

Easter comes quick this year.  Usually I feel like I have a week after St. Patrick’s Day before I need to start thinking about Easter, but not this year.  I’m already creating my Easter menu and this Maple Orange Garlic Glazed Ham from Simply Fresh Dinners is the main event.  How gorgeous is that?!  Plus, […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 159

Strawberry Cheesecake Dip by Spoonful of Flavor

We are back from San Diego and I have to tell you that if you’ve never been before, you really should.  It was amazing.  It helped of course that we had the most beautiful weather I think they’ve ever had for this time of year.  We spent our days at the beach or the pool […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 158

Easter Pretzel Ducks by Diana Rambles

You’re not going to believe it, but it actually got out of the 30′s this weekend.  It seriously felt like it as at least 70 outside even though the thermometer read 43.  It’s hysterical how easy it is to please us, but it giving me hope that the girls might be able to get outside […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 157

Citrus Coriander Soap by Woods of Bell Trees

I don’t know about you, but my skin is so dry from the weather that we’ve been having and the scary part is that my legs are hopefully going to be seeing the light of day in a month or so in NY.  The absolutely horrifying fact is that we go to San Diego next […]

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