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Natural Makeup Remover

Once you turn 30 I think a lot changes.  A ton changed for me since my first daughter was born on my thirtieth birthday.  So not only did I hit the big 3-0, but I also quickly learned to survive on little sleep.  Little sleep meant that I had to start wearing a bit more makeup then I did in the past.  I was an athlete through high school and …continue reading


Lime Cheesecake Shooters

Are you ready for the warm weather?  Well, if you’re not, which I can’t possibly imagine because I’m biting at the bit for the sunshine at this point, then these Lime Cheesecake Shooters are going to get you in the mood.  They are the perfect individual serving of lime cheesecake that come together in a snap.  The best part is that these babies are no-bake! Join the 10 Day Chemical …continue reading


Beautiful Bath Bombs

There is absolutely nothing I love more than kicking back in a large bath.  I recently had the chance to enjoy one of those gorgeous full size tubs with jets and I wished that I had one of these relaxing Bath Bombs to enjoy.  Our bath bombs are the perfect combination of gorgeous and indulgent.  Plus, they would make the perfect gift idea, especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. …continue reading


Indulging Spa Party

An Indulging Spa Party is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.  I definitely love planning a party.  From the food to the decor I just love to see it all come together.  I recently co-hosted my first Make & Take party where all the guests left with spa items that used my favorite Young Living Essential Oils as a key ingredient and we …continue reading

Lavender Lemonade

Very soon the snow is going to be gone and we’ll actually see the green of the grass again.  In the meantime, I plan on convincing myself that Spring is actually here already by enjoying gorgeous foods and beverages.  Our Lavender Lemonade is definitely the ultimate relaxing beverage.  We took our Best EVER Lemonade Recipe and gave it a twist and turned it into Lavender Lemonade that tastes and smells …continue reading


Strawberry Lemonade Cake Cookies

I am literally willing Spring here.  I just cannot take it anymore!  The snow is just absolutely ridiculous so I thought that if I added some Spring colors and flavors it might just make it’s appearance and make this week’s snowstorm our last for the season.  PLEASE!!!  I clearly need a good dose of Spring and nothing says Spring more to me than Strawberry Lemonade.   The fresh citrus flavor …continue reading


Blueberry & Lemon Energy Bites

If you followed along with the Eat Healthy 15 series, you saw a ton of Healthy Snacks.  One of my absolute favorite snacks are Energy Bites or Balls because they are the perfect bite size and they’re packed with so many amazing ingredients.  I love that I can pack them for a quick pick me up at my desk or even grab one right before heading to the gym.   …continue reading


How to Clean a Shower Head

You might be starting to a notice a trend around here lately.  I have a tendency to overlook the everyday items that I just believe should naturally be clean.  Take for instance, my front loading washer.  It’s a washing machine for heaven’s sake.  It’s supposed to clean clothes so why would I ever need to clean it.  Well, we all saw how that turned out where I gave you a …continue reading


Bath Heart Burst Valentines

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day.  I love creating cute and unique Valentines that are not candy related.  Last year we had our Popper Valentines along with our Flutter Valentines for the children in Riley’s preschool class.  I find it fun to make Creative Valentines that children will actually use.  This year was no exception.  We created our Bath Heart Burst Valentines after Riley and Avery kept asking me to …continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

We are more than half way through January.  Have you managed to stick to your goals for 2015?  If leading a Healthy Lifestyle was one of your goals for the New Year and you’ve fallen off track, then you’re going to love these Healthy Lifestyle Tips.  Each and everyone of them had a tidbit of information that resonated with me.  Plus, you can still join in on the #EatHealthy15 IG …continue reading


How to Clean Front Load Washer

Do you have a front load washer or know someone that does?  Have you noticed something about your washer yet?  Might it be that your washing machine isn’t all that clean?  I have a sneaking suspicious that you’re most likely thinking, “How did she know that?”  Don’t bow your head in shame.  I know because I was there and I couldn’t believe that my washing machine that cost more 1k …continue reading


Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub

Now that the holidays are over, I feel like I can focus more on myself.  If you’ve been watching my IG you’ve seen that I’m eating better and exercising.  I’m trying my best to take  care of myself for my girls.  I want them to see me at my best so that they can internalize how important it is to be a strong woman emotionally and physically.  Since I am …continue reading

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