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Penguin Pudding Cups

 We love cute, easy holiday inspiration.  Since both of my girls are at an age where they appreciate the cuteness, I take full advantage of it because before I know it I’ll have teenagers that want nothing to do with all my cuteness.  Although, who in their right mind could possibly say no to these Penguin Pudding Cups?  They are just too cute!  

Penguin Pudding Cups

Looking for a fun and cute holiday snack idea? These Penguin Pudding Cups are the perfect treat for a holiday party.

I love crafting with any kind of cup.  One of my daughter’s favorites was my Love Bug Fruit Cups and I certainly had an affinity for my Rudolph Applesauces.  These little fruit or pudding cups are the perfect snack to send into school with my girls to give out to their friends or even teachers as part of their holiday gifts.  I especially love them because they require minimal supplies and the only tools you need are scissors and a hot glue gun.


For the Penguin Pudding Cups you’ll need {affiliate links}:

Vanilla Pudding Cups

Googley eyes

Foam bats

orange buttons 

orange pipe cleaners

Hot glue gun

That’s it!


In order to turn a bat into a penguin, you’ll need to cut the wings off.  Next take the ears off of the head and save one of them to be the forehead on the penguin.  Make sure the bat head is in a circle so that it will fit on top of the pudding cup.  You’ll also need to roll the pipe cleaner into a cone shape to be the penguin’s nose.


Everything gets attached to the pudding cup with a dollop of hot glue.  The orange buttons should stick out a bit from under the pudding cup.  Next, attach the wings to either side of the pudding cup and top the cup with the foam circle.   The face consists of the cone shaped nose, googley eyes and triangle shaped forehead.   Easy peasy!


There’s just so much cuteness in that face!  Believe me when I tell you that my girls were over the moon excited about these pudding cups.

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How about a cute Penguin Pudding Cup as the perfect snack idea this holiday.

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