Tools to Rock 21 Day Fix

April 18, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

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Are you thinking of starting the 21 Day Fix program?  We’re showing you the Tools to Rock 21 Day Fix so that you’ll have that bathing suit body by summer.  It’s no secret that I love and believe in the 21 Day Fix program.  I’ve done multiple rounds and I’ve had success each and every time and I’m sure you will too!  Especially with these tools to rock the program.

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Tools to Rock 21 Day Fix

Are you thinking of starting the 21 Day Fix program We're showing you the Tool to Rock 21 Day Fix so that you'll have that bathing suit body by summer.

A great way to stick to the 21 Day Fix meal plan is with smoothies mixed in.  I could not survive without my Ninja Auto IQ Blender.  It even comes with a stainless steel cup to keep your smoothies cold all day long.  It gives you the versatility while still making preparation just a touch of the bottom.  There’s nothing simpler.

ninja blender

If you don’t already have the 21 Day Fix essential package then be sure to grab it.  It comes with two dvd’s that include all seven days.  You also get the portion control containers and multiple manuals for reference to keep you on track throughout the program.  It’s an amazing value!

21 day fix package

I routinely try to grow as a person and professional.  One of my all time favorite books was The 12 Week Year.  It is an amazing book for professional development, but it’s also fabulous to help you reach your healthy weight goals.  It’ll make the 21 day fix program so simple and easy to achieve with just a slight mind shift.

12 week year

Everything that you read states that your water intake needs to be consistent everyday.  The Infusion water bottle makes it that much easier to get your necessary water.  You simply place your fruit in and water.  I love how much better fruit infused water tastes and I definitely drink more when it is infused.

infusion water bottle


I have a tendency to get stuck when it comes to the meals in 21 day fix because I don’t want to go over on my containers, but at the same time I don’t want to be eating the same recipes day after day.  The Fixate Cookbook provides a ton of recipes to keep your 21 day fix program interesting and you happy.


I like to use weights when I do the 21 day fix program, but when I switched it up once a week by using a resistance band I saw a difference in my results.  There’s just something about using different muscles.  It creates a different kind of definition.

resistance band

Part of my success in the 21 day fix program was that I am a huge believer in meal planning.  I know that when my refrigerator is stocked with the necessary foods to make me successful then I am.  The Meal Planning Game Plan is packed with resources and tips to keep you on track to your weight goals.

The Meal Planning Game Plan Cover Image

I resisted a yoga mat for a long time because I felt that I could just work out on my carpeted bedroom floor.  The yoga mat made all the difference in having a better grip on my yoga day.


yoga mat

As you go through the 21 day fix program your going to need to increase your weights in order to continue your progress.  I had girly dumbbells for a while, but I was routinely needing to buy a new set as a got stronger.  This adjustable weight set is so much more economical.  It’s simple to increase my weights as I need to.

adjustable dumbells

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